Famous Feminists

Name DOB Country Activism
Mary Wollstonsecraft 1759- 1797 England An English writer and feminist philosopher who raised her voice for gender equality. Her 1792 work 'A Vindication of the Rights of Women' questioned Rousseau's ideas of female inferiority and acquired a prominent status in feminist literature.
Amelia Jenks Bloomer 1818- 1894 United States She was a relentless crusader for women's rights. Despite lacking much of a formal education, she excelled in writing and traching. She used to write articles on women's rights in her husband's newspaper, and later went on to start her own newspaper, named The Lily. It focused solely on women's issues
Simone de Beauvoir 1908- 1986 France French philosopher and writer Simone de Beauvoir (1908- 1986) was a major figure in modern deminism, who untiringly criticized the patriarchal system. In 1949, she authored "The Second Sex," in which she showed how men had consistently denied women's identity, drawing on history, art and psychology
Alice Paul 1885- 1977 United States An American women's rights activist. While studying in England, she became active in the suffragist movement there, and was arrested and imprisoned for numerous times. She was an active member of the Natioanal American Suffrage Association but later left it to establish the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage in 1913, which played a major role in winning the women the right to vote.
Elizabeth Stanton 1815-1902 United States One of the prominent figures in the early feminist movement in America. She was a friend of Susan B. Anthony, with whom she co-authored History of Woman Suffrage. At the first women's rights convention at Seneca Falls in 1848. Stanton concieved the Declaration of Sentiments, which went on to be one of the seminal texts in the women's rights movement.